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Birth Stories

My birth experience was very beautiful. I was not fully ready yet because my water broke when I was only 37 weeks pregnant.  When I realised the birth had started, I remained quite calm, finished packing and left for the hospital. When we arrived in the hospital, they determined I had only 1 cm dilation. So I had a little while to go and the nurse advised to rest a bit. Not too long after, the contractions (or waves as I preferred to call them after the hypnobirthing course) started to build up and became more intense. I tried the yoga ball, which gave me a bit of relieve. I was able to breath my way through the contractions and the hypnobirthing techniques were very beneficial. It really helped that it was night time, so the environment was dark, quiet and calm, which enabled me to stay focussed on my breathing and body. When the contractions started to come every 1-2 minutes, I woke my partner and requested a nurse. My partner wasn't sure this was necessary yet because in his eyes I looked very calm and not in too much pain. This must have been the result of my hypnobirthing breathing that I had been doing the last hour because I did feel like my body was almost ready to do the final bit! When the nurse told me my dilation was 8 cm, I was very relieved. I knew that even though I felt my body was working very hard, I had the strength to deliver my baby without pain medication. Not much later, my gynecologist arrived and I was brought to the delivery room. Then everything happened quickly. They allowed me to start pushing, and within 30 minutes my son was laying on my chest! He had a knot in his umbilical cord, which made the healthy delivery an even bigger miracle! I think the sense of calmness that I managed to retain during the birth has definitely helped bringing this all to a good end.  Looking back on my birthing experience, I can say it was a beautiful and peaceful experience. I am very proud that I was able to give birth without pain medication and instead trust my own body to do this incredible job. The hypnobirting course has contributed to this in a very positive way as it helped me to stay calm, to concentrate on my breath and to trust my own body and its abilities. Thank you Madelon!